People who need to transfer money abroad quickly and at significantly lower cost than available from other service providers. Chequepoint is an acknowledged leader in low cost international money transfer from UK ( thus making it ideal choice for people living or staying in the UK who are supporting friends or family members living abroad. Low charges and reliability of the service also makes it attractive to wide variety of other people including business people or travellers.
Chequepoint International Money Transfer currently offers remittance services from UK to several countries Worldwide and this number is constantly growing. To find out if the service to the country of your interest is available and to get more information about how to send money to a particular country, charges, rates and payout locations, please call free to our Customer Support Line on 0207 244 1210.
To send money with us you would need to come to a Branch of Chequepoint.

You would then be provided with International Money Transfer Form which you would need to fill in indicating your personal details (Full Name, Address, Contact telephone number) as well as the same details for the beneficiary.

Then you would need to choose the payout location in the receiving country where money would be delivered from the list available at any of the Chequepoint Sending locations.

All details are then inputted into the PC by the operator and you would be issued with the printed receipt which would contain all transaction details and reference number which you would have to pass to your beneficiary. Check the receipt carefully to ensure all information is correct.

You would then be asked to pay the amount you would like to send together with transfer charges. Once all steps have been done your transaction is completed.

Please note that for some receiving countries you may be asked to provide additional compulsory information about either yourself or the recipient due to the local regulations in the receiving country.
Delivery time varies depending on the receiving country. Most typically transaction done trough Chequepoint would be ready for collection within 24 hours. For more information about delivery times for specific countries call free on our Customer Support Line or alternatively you can get this information from one of Chequepoint's sending locations.
Once transaction has been completed you would need to notify your recipient of the following information: address of the location where money are going to be picked up; time when transaction would be delivered; any reference numbers needed to collect the funds; amount which recipient would receive · Recipient would need to come to payout location, present nationally accepted form of identification and provide staff at payout location with the transaction reference number
All transactions have to be made at a Branch or an Agent of Chequepoint and all payments have to be done in
To find location closest to you simply call us free on our Customer Support Line – 0207 244 1210, and tell us your postal code, we will locate branch nearest to you. We would then be able to supply you with directions as well as contact details of your nearest sending location.
Chequepoint Branches are financial services retail outlets fully owned by Chequepoint. Apart from International Money transfer services they also offer a variety of other financial services, such as Foreign Currency exchange, Cheque Cashing, Payday Loans, Pawn Brokering etc. For information about your closest branch and financial services which are offered, please call us on our free Customer Support Line – 0207 244 1210.
Each Chequepoint Location determines its own hours of operation; our branches also have different opening and closing times. Most locations maintain extended hours and some even operate on 24 hours basis. If you would like to find out about operating hours of any of our locations please call us on 0207 244 1210.
The maximum amount may vary depending on the receiving country: for many countries there are no formal limits, for others local restrictions are in place limiting amount of money you can send. Please note, that when sending large sums of money, or sending on the regular basis, you may be required to provide you proof of ID (International Passport or Full UK Driving Licence) and Proof of Address (Utility Bill or Bank Statement) at the point of transfer and may be asked to indicate the source of the funds and purpose of transaction.

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Foreign currency exchange bought and sold. Also other services available for travellers and tourists.
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currency exchange services
The foreign exchange service is offered in all Chequepoint bureau de change locations.
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Pay cheques, or other cheques cashed while you wait in our branches (UK).
Chequepoint offers competitive rates in convenient locations. Our friendly staff will be pleased to help.
Chequepoint offers a "send" money transfer service from the following countries: UK, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic and Hong Kong.
The foreign exchange service is offered in all Chequepoint bureau de change locations.