Foreign exchange leader
For more than thirty years, Chequepoint has been a pioneer in the field of currency exchange. Our philosophy is simple. We provide tourists and travellers with what they want most: good value, reliability and a product to meet their needs.

The foreign exchange service is offered in all Chequepoint bureau de change locations - bureaux are typically situation in high street locations in some of the world's most popular tourist destinations including: London, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Budapest and Hong Kong.
Chequepoint foreign currency service offers
Competitive currency exchange rates
All major currencies generally available
Charges are clear and easily understood
Calm and efficient service
Outlets are clearly visible and secure

Our primary concern is to meet and exceed the expectations of our customer.

Other services
Chequepoint is conscious that customer requirements are always changing. We are constantly monitoring perceptions of the services we offer.
Chequepoint bureaux typically offer a range of additional services for travellers and tourists.
These include:

Cashing and issuing of foreign currency travellers cheques
International money transfers - send and receive
Taking cash from credit and debit cards
Advances of sterling on credit cards
Sale of worldwide telephone and SIM cards
Maps and tourist guides

Please note: For larger amounts of common currencies and certain exotic currencies, please call your nearest branch before visiting to ensure that we have sufficient currency available. We can order any currency that is not held on site.
For exotic currencies ordered in, payment will have to be made by debit and credit card over the
phone. On collection you will also need to bring a valid photo ID to collect your currencies.
pay or cash in cheques
Pay cheques, or other cheques cashed while you wait in our branches (UK).
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Features and benefits
- No Bank Account Required *
- No Credit Checks
- No ID Required
- Instant Decision
- Immediate ATM Access
Chequepoint offers competitive rates in convenient locations. Our friendly staff will be pleased to help.
Chequepoint offers a "send" money transfer service from the following countries: UK, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic and Hong Kong.
The foreign exchange service is offered in all Chequepoint bureau de change locations.
Independent report hails Chequepoint as market